Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Granite forms

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Solid granite blocks defend the harbour from the ferocious storms. Man-made structures holding back the forces of nature.

"Harbour Shapes, Porthleven" mixed media on canvas
500 x 500mm. £250

"Lanyon Quoit" mixed media. 280 x 280mm image size. Framed. £200

On a misty day on the moors of West Penwith, ancient standing stones loom into view. Withstanding the elements for thousands of years, they stand like sentinels guarding the footprint of mankind who inhabited these lands.

"Granite Fissure" mixed media. 280 x 280mm.
image size. Framed.


"Granite landscape." Mixed media.
280 x 280mm. image. Framed. £200
Man-made structures that contrast with the expanses of moorland reaching down to the sea, yet seem to be in harmony with their surroundings.


  1. These images capture that atmosphere and wonderful light of the Cornwall Environment.

  2. We have one of Linda's pictures and we love it